Skincare Tools

At Bloom, I often use devices in my services. They can help with extractions, boost collagen production and kill bacteria (among other things). Some of my favorites include:

High Frequency
High frequency is used for disinfecting the skin after extractions or waxing when used in skincare services. It can kill bacteria in the skin and reduce inflammation when you have blemishes. This one has some contraindications which include:
broken capillaries
spider veins
history of heart disease
prone to seizures from flashing lights

Follow manufacturers instruction, do not use products that contain alcohol and do not wear any metal jewelry during high frequency treatment.

Skin Spatula:
I have this one and this one. The first one (inexpensive) has worked quite well. The second one (more expensive ant not available at the time of this post) has a mister and is a bit stronger than the other one. The first one (this one) is perfectly fine for home use and is great to use a few times a week for gentle exfoliation. To exfoliate, you use the “blade” with the edge turned down to gently scrape the skin (make sure you keep the skin moist with a mask or a mist of water). You can penetrate products by turning the unit over and smoothing it over the skin (using a water based serum or mask). Read the manufacturers instructions to know exactly how to use your device since they vary from brand to brand.

My favorite mask to use with the skin spatula is the Image Ormedic Gel Mask. I have found this to be the best mask for loosening the debris in the pores before extraction and before using the skin spatula. The trick is to keep it moist. The best way to do this is by using a gentle mist of water from a spray bottle that emits a fine mist. Keep the mask on the affected area for at least 10 minutes.

More on the skincare tools (and photos) used at Bloom to come!!

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